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artist formerly known as Fritz
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
David Ayala began drawing on walls at an early age. Eventually he ran out of crayons and so he attended the world's only school for comics and cartooning: the Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey. Dave has since worked as a graphic artist for over 20 years. He is proficient in illustration, caricature, cartooning, comic book art, and graphics software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Dave designed an overwhelming majority of the gaming tokens manufactured during the 1990s. Dave's professional background also includes designing interior and exterior signs for the Las Vegas casino market, he was the editorial cartoonist for the Ottumwa Courier, and he's since branched off into book illustrations, t-shirt design, privately commissioned work. Dave is currently hard at work on a series of mermaid illustrations for a Mermaid Art book; a graphic novel titled "Clockgirl and the League of Useless Superheroes";"Pineapple Street" , a traditional newspaper comic strip; and a series of novellas titled "Ann Zanity". and he recently penned "Diving Back into the Dating Pool" available on Amazon. All of these projects to be released through Lucky Thirteen Presents, a start-up indie small press collective.

David also has a bachelors degree in General Psychology. A few years back he released a solo CD through Fossil Records (which closed its doors about a year later). He plays a mean saxophone, as well as electric bass, electric guitars, synthesizers, and isn't a half bad drummer. He sings too, but the cat on the fence next door asked him to stop. Crazy cat. Dave feels a bit odd talking about himself in the third person but that doesn't stop him from wanting to eat your brains. Yum.

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Current Residence: Hell, Iowa
Favorite genre of music: Progressive metal/rock • Industrial • Jazz • Classical
Favorite photographer: That guy that took the photo of Tom, from Myspace.
Favorite cartoon character: Harley Quinn • Cerebus • Zootanapus • Fathom • Ashley 2.0 • Batgirl
Personal Quote: "Really, Speck, it looks like a rainbow thew up in here!" - Ann Zanity
He wearily plucked at his guitar
His aching hands had lost their song.
And what good is a minstrel without his tune?
And so the hapless fool stared lonely into the sea.

Then she appeared to him, sang to him, echoes of a dream.
"I can be this, I can be that!" she said.
And she was everything he ever wished for.
So the fool dared to believe in what all he could be.

Without a thought, he followed her into the sea,
but suddenly she turned to him  and warned,
"I am not the mermaid, I am the siren.
Are you sure that you can handle me?"

And the fool was a fool, as fools tend to be.
He mused, "She is this, and she is that,
A gift she is to me, so very plain to see."
And he gave her his heart, and dropped his key.

He knew the stories of the siren, how cruel she oft' was,
dashing countless sailors 'gainst the deadly rocks.
But he was no sailor indeed, he was after all the fool!
And he convinced himself that somehow he was worthy.

Out of his element, he was in much too deep.
While she circled about him, splashing playfully,
a song came sweetly from her lips, ever so quietly.
She swam ahead, "what did she sing?" He paddled to her furiously.

As the sun set, the siren cried and wailed,
and the fool knew not what he should do!
How could such a wonderful creature be hurting so?
He longed to help, but in water he flailed helplessly.

Drowning he was, sinking under the sea.
Crying she was, ever so violently.
Yet every time he thought all was lost,
She gave him her breath, and said "believe in me."

Now perspective is a faulty narrative. 'Tis true!
Worthwhile only when all sides are shown.
Not just her own, not just his own. But what was her song?
She sang, "My way. Only my way. Or it can never be."

"I'm trying to save us!" but her words could not be true,
at least not while her siren hands grasped the fool's neck.
She held him under water for at least a third of the day!
She sang, "My way. Only my way. Or it can never be."

The water burst into his tired lungs,
His own sad life dashed before his eyes.
Many a regret he had, but not a one he had with her.
Did the best he could; he loved her so. Yet still "it can never be."

Realization then finally filled his lungs and he gasped,
"Now I understand! I was never drowning, it was she."
Yet the siren's scary storm was big and black.
With the rain of a thousand tears singing, "it can never be."

But the fool recognized the smoke and mirrors for what they were.
The furious spectacle in the sky was only but a grand deception.
For the little mermaid could only struggle to protect her heart.
Because, you see, for him she never dropped her key.

Clarity said to the fool, very much to his surprise,
"You have always been the siren in this tale: passionate and wise.
It is she that was the fool, wearing love's disguise."
Still he hung his head, no way to prevent this tragedy.

True love was finally there for her to take; she knew it all too well.
But she picked and tore at this love, until it failed her scrutiny.
Thus the good ship "Infinity" sank under the heart breaking mutiny.
As the drowned, she sang, "Only my way. Or it can never be."

And the broken man sat alone on the beach yet again and pondered.
"Perhaps I could have done it your way, my Love,
And then he wept, "But I never knew--you never told me how."
And this siren, this beautiful lonely woman, would forever haunt his memory.

-David Ayala

"I know what you are."

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